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A true gem!

Finding an excellent OB/GYN in such a big city is quite a difficult task. I was fortunate because Dr. Shifrin was highly recommended to me by my primary care provider who I trust dearly so I did not have to try out several options. From my very first office visit, I was impressed by the professionalism and warmth of Dr. Shifrin and his staff. I never had long waits or any bad experiences during any appointment, office visits were always pleasant and never rushed.

Throughout my pregnancy, Dr. Shifrin proved to be very knowledgeable and he was always easily accessible whenever I had any questions or concerns. When it was finally time for delivery, I ended up needing to have a c-section due to complications. Having a c-section was the last thing we wanted and was very scary for both my husband and I, but Dr. Shifrin and his staff made the situation bearable for us. They provided us with excellent and compassionate care. It meant a lot for us to know that Dr. Shifrin really cared about us having a safe delivery and we will forever be grateful for all that he did for us to ensure a safe delivery of our precious baby Abigail. Dr. Shifrin is truly a gem and one of the most sincere and devoted doctors I have had. I feel blessed to be his patient and I look forward to being a patient of his for many more years to come.

Thank you Dr. Shifrin!

Joseling, Clarence and baby Abby
Delivered 03-04-13

thomasallenmusic1963   April 14, 2013

Another Amazing Delivery

Your skillful hands worked wonders as you brought our little angel into this world. May you continue to have strengths and patience to deliver many other babies and the health to do it for a long time.

Our greatest appreciation,
Beatrice and Zilberberg Family

Irina   November 4, 2012

Thank you :)

My husband and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr Shifrin for all the care and support we received in the past nine months. I am so grateful for the delivery of my first child, Sofie. Not only is Dr Shifrin a great health care professional, he is also a wonderful person! I would also like to say, what a pleasure it was coming to Dr Shifrin’s office. Thank you to the staff, for always being so accommodating and supportive. I highly recommend Dr Shifrin. 🙂 Doc, you are definitely one of a kind.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Elina, Daniel, & Sofie.
Delivered 09-06-12


An Amazing Doctor !!!

I had a great experience with Dr. Shifrin and his entire office. He was recommended by a dear friend an I’ll always be grateful for it. He is knowledgable, experienced and caring. He always listened and heard what I was concerned about. I was confident going into my first labor with Dr. Shifrin by my side. A doctor with professional integrity and utmost devotion to his work. Would not consider any other doctor for my next pregnancy.
Thank you!
Nana, Michael and baby Zara

spacerys6091723   November 9, 2011


You can only imagine the excitement followed by shear panic that overcame my husband and I when Dr. Shifrin asked “do twins run in your family?” From the minute we found out that we were expecting two little ones for our first pregnancy and that the pregnancy was a “high risk pregnancy” we knew we were in good hands. Dr. Shifrin was very thorough, very knowledgeable, very supportive and always made me feel at ease. His personal approach, sense of humor and warm smile mixed with his professionalism, talent and super skillful hands 🙂 makes Dr. Shifrin one of a kind. There was never a time that my call was not returned, that a question was not answered from “my list” or that I felt rushed in his office. Aside from Dr. Shifrin being amazing, his staff is also amazing – always friendly and responsive – it was a true pleasure going in for regular check-ups. When my healthy boy and girl twins were delivered at 38.5 weeks, Dr. Shifrin was with me every step of the way. The delivery could not have went more smoothly. There are no words that can express our gratitude. Dr. Shifrin will always have a special place in our lives. Doc, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for bringing into this world the two most precious gifts that can exist.

With sincere and endless gratitude,
Irina, Igor and babies Josh and Lea Guberuk
Delivered 10.11.10


The best doctor I ever met

Dr Shifrin guided and helped me through my first high-risk pregnancy and the birth of my son (now 4). Thanks to Dr. Shifrin’s professionalism, great bedside manner, and ability to make the right decisions in very difficult situations, my son was born without complications and I recovered quickly and fully. That’s why, when I got pregnant again, there wasn’t any question for me regarding which Dr. to choose. Despite moving to another state, I went to Dr. Shifrin again. My second pregnancy was a happy time in my life and my fears were alleviated by Dr. Shifrin’s upbeat attitude and first-class care that he provided.
Dr Shifrin, we will be forever grateful to you for everything you’ve done for the health and happiness of our family.
Julia and Kevin Grinberg

admin   August 27, 2011

A doctor like no other

A good friend recommended Dr. Shifrin, and I will forever be grateful. Dr. Shifrin is a rare gem—knowledgeable, professional, and good-hearted. He informs without overwhelming; advises without dictating; and knows exactly when to crack an appropriate joke! When a crisis arouse, in the middle of the night, Dr. Shifrin rushed to my side. He remained calm, took all the precautions, and reassured me that all was OK. There will be no other doctor for me.

Lana, Igor, and little Abby   June 20, 2011

Happy to Have Discovered You

I am writing you just to let you know how happy I am to have discovered you and your Office here in my neighborhood. The whole visit yesterday has been a very agreeable experience. I was impressed not only by “the finest gynecological care possible” but also by your personal approach. I will recommend your Office to my friends and family, both in Manhattan and in Bay Ridge. Thank you!

Ileana Munteanu, April 8, 2011  

Thank you, Dr. Shifrin!

Our 34-week journey ended up on April 1, 2011 and the beautiful baby boy came to our life. We are extremely happy that we had Dr. Alexander Shifrin as our doctor. He is a great doctor, we trusted him and he helped us to get through a very high risk pregnancy. During this difficult time and 18 weeks of strict bed rest Dr. Shifrin was with us when we needed him, his optimism and moral support helped us a lot and made the  easier. He acted quickly when the emergency medical procedure needed to be done and closely monitored the rest of the pregnancy to make sure that everything will be fine. Dr. Shifrin’s experience, professionalism, dedication and great personality contributed to the birth of our son, Michael. For any woman who is planning to have a baby, I would highly recommend Dr. Shifrin and his office to be her healthcare professional. Thank you, Dr. Shifrin!  
Marina and Alexander Milman

bohdan23   May 15, 2011

Can’t thank enough

We can’t thank Dr. Shifrin enough for the exceptional care we received. He is truly an amazing doctor and a wonderful person. He made my pregnancy and the labor and delivery of our little girl better then we could imagine by his professionalism, competence and kindness. We will highly recommend Dr. Shifrin to our family & friends.

Yelena   January 24, 2011

From the First Time Mother

Thank you for the delivery of our beautiful twin baby girls. You were truly wonderful! As a first time mother, I felt very cared for and appreciated your guidance. You are an amazing doctor who touched our life in an important way.

Irina   November 14, 2010

Thank you, Dr. Shifrin!

Besides exceptional personality Dr. Shifrin provides the kind of service that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed about your pregnancy.
I had my first childbirth experience and, obviously, I was more than worried about how it’s gonna go. I’ve been to multiple doctors before getting to Dr. Shifrins office and finally started to get used to a thought that spending a few hours in a line, talking to a bitchy nurse or waiting for a few hours before anyone responds to a pager call is pretty much normal. But then a good friend told me about Dr. Shifrin. My health insurance was not accepted (never choose Atlantis!), but after one visit I’ve decided to actually pay my own money to Dr. Shifrin in order to stay with him.

Dr. Shifrin is drastically different from all other ob. gynecologists. He’s exceptionally accurate, knowledgeable, he’s never late, he always answers a pager within several minutes – you get immediate response to your every single concern no matter day or night. Besides that, he has a wonderful staff, which is a huge advantage. I’d like to say a special “thank you” to Olga. She has been wonderful. I will certainly choose Dr. Shifrin if we decide to make another one.

Thanks again.

Maria Gelman   October 17, 2009

A rare kind of doctor

I am fortunate to have found Dr. Shifrin and to have lived through my pregnancy and the birth of my son with him by my side. He is a rare kind of doctor who is not only extremely experienced and knowledgeable, but also truly cares, connects with a patient on multiple levels, and is willing and able to give both unlimited support and advice in even the most difficult of situations. And I trust him like I trust very few people in my life.

I know this because my pregnancy was “high-risk” and difficult with many unknowns and scary sides to it. Dr Shifrin was the one who kept me safe and sane throught that time. He helped me navigate complex situations and make decisions that I was comfortable with and that ultimately led to the best outcome for me and my baby. He performed my C-section at the right time in the right way. In the end I am happy to report that I gave birth to a beatiful son who never needed any NICU care and is now a happy active toddler and I myself quickly recovered with no side effects. Thanks to Dr. Shifrin I am now actually able to think of my pregnancy as a joyful time in my life and even consider potentially having another baby. And I would absolutely come back to him if I ever make that decision!

Natasha   July 12, 2009

Wonderful relationship

Three years ago we gave birth to our first child, a little girl. Dr Shifrin was our doctor, and we bonded then, knowing that he the professionalism we wanted in a doctor, along with the caring tenderness that we needed. Olga was icing on the cake, as she has always been very kind and sincere. So when we planned for our second pregnany we knew that Dr Shifrin would be our go to guy.

Our surprise at the first appointment was that our second pregnancy was two little bundles, not one. Once again Dr Shifrin, Olga, and the crew took care of us during a time of managed care, and informal medicine with such kindness and were a wonderful support. The twins tried to interfere with Dr Shifrin’s personal plans the night they were born, but his attitude was peaceful and encouraging the whole way through, allowing us success in a v-back. Many thanks to Dr Shifrin and his medical team. If you chose to work with him (and you’ll want to) you will be very pleased with your ob/gyn care.

Many blessings,
Lloyd and Sarah

Sarah & Lloyd   June 26, 2009

Amazing doctor!

Thanks to Dr. Shifrin giving birth was the best experience of my life!
He made me feel very comfortable throughout the whole pregnancy and during labor! Dr. Shifrin was very caring, attentive, simply great! After I got into a car accident on my 9th month, insisted to see me right the way disregarding the late hour, and seemed more concerned that I was! Great doctor, amazing person!

Ilona Prudnikova   March 11, 2009

The best doctor!

Dr.Shirfin is the best doctor in the World! Carying, loving, experienced–you feel very safe in his gentle hands. Dr.delivered my first child, and I was spoiled by him. We moved to Dc area sometime ago and with my second pregnancy, I had to switch 3 drs before my delivery date–just could not find anybody even close to Dr.Shifrin. I was seriously considering going back to NYC to Dr.Shifrin!

Nataliya Gurshman   January 13, 2009

A rare find of a doctor!

As someone who works with physicians on a daily basis, I can whole-heartedly say that Dr. Shifrin is a rare find, who combines profound medical expertise, a lifetime of experience, a remarkable managerial talent (his office is the most organized I have ever been to) and a great personality.

From my very first visit to Dr. Alexander Shifrin’s office it became obvious that he is a highly knowledgeable and experienced professional. He was very thorough in explaining the milestones of pregnancy and setting guidelines for ‘best practices’ while expecting. Throughout my pregnancy Dr. Shifrin was there to answer every question we had. On a rare occasion when I had to contact him outside of my scheduled appointments, he would return my phone calls promptly, and took the time to address my concerns with care and attention.

The true magnitude of Dr. Shifrin’s medical talent became undeniably apparent during labor and delivery. His timing was perfect, his instructions meticulous, his every move precise and time-tested. As first-timers, both my husband and I were anxious about the experience, and it was Dr. Shifrin’s care and guidance that made for an easy labor, a precious baby-girl and the new mom’s quick recovery.
It would not be the same without you, Dr. Shifrin, and we are all very grateful!

Julia Grinberg   December 12, 2008

from my husband Roman

As a medical graduate myself, I always suggest to my close ones that they should find a doctor they trust.

There is a great need for this unique bond to appear, particularly when you’re talking about a surgeon (those who never thought about it, OB/GYN is a surgical field). After meeting Dr. Shifrin for the first time on my wife’s first pregnancy visit, I felt it. And very often, this internal feeling of trust has one of the most potent effects before you go to the operating room.

Anna Zinder   November 3, 2008

Favorite doctor

Do you, ladies, look forward to an ob-gyn visit? I am pretty sure the answer is “no” unless your doctor is Alexander Shifrin. I remember the times when I was dreading this annual procedure but everything changed after meeting Dr. Shifrin. His sense of humor always relaxes me and his replies are always complete, no matter how silly my questions sound. But most importantly, I feel safe knowing that I am in good hands. Thank you for always being there for us, Dr. Shifrin!

Anna Zinder  

The BEST!!

Dr. Shifrin is an amazing, caring, extremely well versed doctor.

He handles any alarming situation with ease grace and diligence. I was 100% comfortable with every decision that he made during my pregnancy and stressful delivery. Many many thanks! He is truly a rare gem in the world of medicine.

Donata Blekhtser   July 30, 2008

The one you’ll trust

Dr. Shifrin “suffered” with me through both of my pregnancies, one complicated and one easy going. He was there for the good, the bad and the miraculous. He saw me cry tears of sorrow and tears of joy and through it all, he was always there, with sound advice, great care and often, a joke or two.

I appreciated having a doctor who would take the time to answer questions and address concerns. I remember him telling me when i had a week to go with my second baby, “do not go into labor on Thursday, I am taking my wife to dinner”. And of course, here i was with contraction on Thursday and Dr. Shifrin in the hospital to deliver my beautiful daughter. Not to mention that both deliveries were well into the night, but Dr. Shifrin was always a true professionals and the birth process was as easy as pie.

I look forward to few more pregnancies and hope Dr. Shifrin is around for them as well, because he is the only one I trust, and so should you.

Irene   July 4, 2008

Doctor with big heart and amazing hands…

My two beautiful children were delivered by Dr. Shifrin.

He is talented, professional doctor with a huge heart and amazing hands. I would not trust the health of my wife and my children to anybody else.

Simon Okunev   April 28, 2008

Thank you for your kindness and patience.

Dr. Shifrin, usually sleepless nights bring nothing but headaches and misery the following morning but to us it brought the greatest joy in the world.

Thank you for your kindness and patience. A world of thanks to you and your staff. Yakirevich-Bangiyev Family

Yakirevich-Bangiyev Family   April 8, 2008

In good hands…

When I found out I was pregnant I also realised that I had to find myself a new doctor . I have heard so much about Dr. Shifrin from a least 4 of my friends so to me the choice was pretty clear and I never had to regret it.

The very first great thing was a discussion of what and how will be happening that actually took place in a doctors office. Yes , in doctors office, face-to-face. I guess, Dr. Shifrin is one of very few OBGYNs who actually realize how much more comfortable we would feel if we are given an opportunity to make an eye contact.

I will not go into describing every detail of my experience of being Dr. Shifrin’s patient because it would take too much of your time and too much of my time (hey, I am a busy mom now) but I feel like I have to make few points:

First of all, the general atmosphere in the office is such that you feel like you are the only patient that actually matter. Everybody in the office knows you by name after first visit, which seems like a small detail but to me it was important. I don’t know how about you but I hate being a faceless medical record number.

Second of all, there were some scary times during my pregnancy during which I didn’t feel alone. Every test needed was organized fast and efficiently, phone calls were returned right away. Big, huge plus because believe me, when you are scared and you are sitting and starring at the phone you really not in a mood for much waiting.

When finally a big day arrived, after much trying it became clear that C-section is the only way to go. Today, 10 month later you will not be able to find a scar if you don’t know it is there and sensation around it completely intact. If you ever had a C-section you know what I am talking about.

I could go on, for so, so long but every experience is very different. What is important for me may not be important for you but the big picture here is that if you decided to become a Dr. Shifrin’s patient you are to be congratulated, you are now in good hands.

Svetlana Grinberg   October 17, 2007

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