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In good hands…

When I found out I was pregnant I also realised that I had to find myself a new doctor . I have heard so much about Dr. Shifrin from a least 4 of my friends so to me the choice was pretty clear and I never had to regret it.

The very first great thing was a discussion of what and how will be happening that actually took place in a doctors office. Yes , in doctors office, face-to-face. I guess, Dr. Shifrin is one of very few OBGYNs who actually realize how much more comfortable we would feel if we are given an opportunity to make an eye contact.

I will not go into describing every detail of my experience of being Dr. Shifrin’s patient because it would take too much of your time and too much of my time (hey, I am a busy mom now) but I feel like I have to make few points:

First of all, the general atmosphere in the office is such that you feel like you are the only patient that actually matter. Everybody in the office knows you by name after first visit, which seems like a small detail but to me it was important. I don’t know how about you but I hate being a faceless medical record number.

Second of all, there were some scary times during my pregnancy during which I didn’t feel alone. Every test needed was organized fast and efficiently, phone calls were returned right away. Big, huge plus because believe me, when you are scared and you are sitting and starring at the phone you really not in a mood for much waiting.

When finally a big day arrived, after much trying it became clear that C-section is the only way to go. Today, 10 month later you will not be able to find a scar if you don’t know it is there and sensation around it completely intact. If you ever had a C-section you know what I am talking about.

I could go on, for so, so long but every experience is very different. What is important for me may not be important for you but the big picture here is that if you decided to become a Dr. Shifrin’s patient you are to be congratulated, you are now in good hands.

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