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A rare kind of doctor

I am fortunate to have found Dr. Shifrin and to have lived through my pregnancy and the birth of my son with him by my side. He is a rare kind of doctor who is not only extremely experienced and knowledgeable, but also truly cares, connects with a patient on multiple levels, and is willing and able to give both unlimited support and advice in even the most difficult of situations. And I trust him like I trust very few people in my life.

I know this because my pregnancy was “high-risk” and difficult with many unknowns and scary sides to it. Dr Shifrin was the one who kept me safe and sane throught that time. He helped me navigate complex situations and make decisions that I was comfortable with and that ultimately led to the best outcome for me and my baby. He performed my C-section at the right time in the right way. In the end I am happy to report that I gave birth to a beatiful son who never needed any NICU care and is now a happy active toddler and I myself quickly recovered with no side effects. Thanks to Dr. Shifrin I am now actually able to think of my pregnancy as a joyful time in my life and even consider potentially having another baby. And I would absolutely come back to him if I ever make that decision!

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